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Tenerife Times Home arrow Hotels & Accommodation arrow Tenerife Holidays & Flights arrow EasyJet to Tenerife - an honest appraisal
EasyJet to Tenerife - an honest appraisal PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 6
Written by Michael Hopkins   
Friday, 30 May 2008

I have to admit that when GB Airways (and as a consequence their Tenerife to Manchester route) was taken over by Easyjet earlier in the year I was a tad worried.

I had only just booked my May trip to Tenerife with GB Airways and so was not looking forward either to the change (and all the paperwork that entailed) or in particular the flight with a ‘no frills’ carrier.

So now I’ve returned from Tenerife the big question was how did EasyJet perform?

EasyJet from Manchester to Tenerife 

My flight to Tenerife from Manchester was the first ever flight where I have been charged excess baggage HOWEVER to be fair to EasyJet I was over their weight limits and so they were well within their published rights to charge me for my extra 3KG of weight but its worth pointing out that even though I have been over the limit previously with other airlines I had never been charged this excess – I guess in reality I have been very lucky previously.

One of the features on lo-cost airlines (and EasyJet is no exception) is that they don’t allocate seat number when you check in. Now for me, travelling to Tenerife alone, this was not a problem because I had no real need to sit next to anyone however, if I had been travelling with my wife, this could well have been a problem for us because its very much a ‘free for all’ at the gate.

You can pay extra for ‘Speedy Bording’ which enables you to ‘queue jump’ and cherry pick your seats however this can cost up to £7.50 per person per flight so that’s £15 return to Tenerife each.

On my return, I had significantly less weight in my case and so I was under the weight limit however there were others who were not so lucky and they were required to pay an excess baggage charge, so be careful! I have to say that as well as EasyJet, the Monarch desks were also charging for excess baggage this time – maybe this has something to do with the increases in fuel costs that the airlines are facing?

My only real concern was that there was no Ice for my Gin and Tonic, now this may sound trivial but I can assure you its not! At £4.00 for a Gin & Tonic I feel its cheeky to ‘cut back’ on costs by reducing the amount of Ice carried on board. When I challenged the Air Steward as to the reason for the lack of Ice he admitted it was purely a cost based reason and added that 2 years ago they stopped giving slices of Lemon with their drinks and the company had saved over £100,000. Now you start to understand the reason for the lack of Ice.

All in all, I found the flights reasonable and would not hesitate to fly with them again if the prices were reasonable. Would I pay more for a different airline? I doubt it, if EasyJet were the best value I would chose them again.

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My only qualm is the lack of allocated seating. I was travelling with my partner and two toddlers (3 and 5). We were marked as B passengers (Back-of-the-queue), behind the speedy boarders, families with under-2s and A passengers (don't ask). Fortunately we found seats fairly close together, but other families were quite rightly compaining. EasyJet surely can't expect a 3 or a 5 year old to sit alone next to a complete stranger for 4 hours can they?

Posted by Joe Cawley, Whose homepage is http://www.mytenerifeinfo.com on 06/11/2008 at 22:20

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