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El Medano, weve never seen a Tenerife beach looking so busy. PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 9
Written by Michael Hopkins   
Monday, 30 August 2010

As the sun beat down for yet another stunning day on our recent holiday and the temperature gauge in our Tenerife Rental Car hit the heady heights of 32C, it was time to get some respite from the heat and visit El Medano (once again) where you are almost guaranteed to find a lovely cooling breeze.




After finding a parking space in the town, we decided to head for something to eat at one of the many quality bars or restaurants situated on the front of the beach area by the famous El Medano Hotel.

As we rounded the corner towards the beach, we were amazed to see the sheer number of people enjoying the sun and sea in El Medano; in fact, we have never seen the town as busy and it really was a joy to watch everyone enjoying themselves in this beautiful Tenerife fishing village.

Not only was all the space on the beach taken up, so were all the seats around the square and most of the spaces along the wall. Couples were sitting 3 and 4 abreast on the rocks that looked out to sea and which are usually either empty or play host to a solitary pair of love struck teenagers.

If finding a space on the beach was a challenge, getting a table at a bar or restaurant in the shade was neigh on impossible, still, after a short while, our evil stares worked a treat, someone moved on and we had a leisurely lunch sat staring out to sea and the Red Mountain.

After lunch, we wondered back towards the town, past the beach area and called into the El Medano Hotel where we signed the petition that the hotel and the residents of El Medano have started in the hope that it might influence COSTA’s in their decission on the future of the bathing platform and ultimately that of the Hotel itself.

If you are a resident of Tenerife or own a property on the Island (and have an NIE number) then please consider dropping by and signing the petition in the hope that we can safe guard, not only the future of the Hotel, the jobs of some of the many people who work their but also a building that has come to be such a favourite amongst visitors to the town.


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