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Are we too old? PDF Print E-mail
User Rating: / 7
Contributed by Sally Vincent   
Sunday, 04 June 2006
We would love to move over to Tenerife, but think maybe we have left it too late to be employable.  We would be willing to do almost anything but are Tenerifian employers ageist?
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Hi...I live in edinbugh just now doing office work, Is it difficult finding office work in tenerife anad do you have to be able to speak spanish


Posted by mandy, on 08/15/2007 at 11:15

Thanks for the tip. We also belong to Tenerife Forum where they often post jobs, but it seems that many of the advertised jobs are aimed at the younger sector. We will keep hunting though as I'm sure there must be something we can do and we want so much to do it.

Posted by Sally Vincent, on 06/09/2006 at 03:07

Have you tried listening to Oasis FM? They have daily job sections and also publish these Tenerife Job vacancies on their web site [www.oasisfm.com]

Posted by hopper, Whose homepage is www.tenerifetimes.com on 06/05/2006 at 08:37

I am 56 and my husband is 48. We are currently in office jobs, but if we had the opportunity to live in Tenerife, we would try any jobs.
We've heard that there are jobs for cleaners also working in Iceland?

Posted by Sally Vincent, on 06/05/2006 at 06:28

Hi Sally, you might have to give us a little bit more information, like ages, desired occupations etc.

However welcome to Tenerife Times

Posted by Hopper, on 06/04/2006 at 07:38

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